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Gran Bouque olive oil - About us

Gran Bouque emerges from a family idea ‘to produce high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil’. The family is devoted, with great dedication, to the plantation and growing of the olive tree during generations. For this reason, since its birth, the purpose of Gran Bouque’s idea is to turn such a great dedication into achieving the best possible quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We take care of all the details, even those which seem to be insignificant: in fact, every single detail is vital to obtain our delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For this and for other reasons, the result is that we obtain excellent juices ‘Gran Bouque’ - Oil ‘Gran Bouque’ –,a mixture of Tradition and Quality.

We take care of our olive trees in our estates, together with the careful selection of the plant and its biological rhythms, ensure the top quality of the fruit which our Gran Bouque Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from.

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