Doctors, nutritionists and dieticians emphasize the importance of the consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Thanks to the first-pressure process, Gran Bouque is able to maintain the oil’s full flavour, aroma and qualities, so that its consumption turns into a deep experience for the senses. Apart from being easy to digest, its capacity to reach temperatures beyond 180º C without decomposing ensures that foods are fried better, and they do not lose their flavour. It can be used more times, so it is more economic. This oil is only obtained through mechanical procedures directly from the olive tree: the olive is only squeezed and not refined. This means that it does not go through neither chemical nor physical treatments, where the oil would lose its colour, flavour and smell, and above all its most valuable nutritive elements the organism requires to remain healthy.


The excellent quality of the olives (Arbequina and Empeltre), together with the accurate moulding process, allows Gran Bouque to offer a source of health. The oleic acid, a mono-unsaturated fat, helps regulate the level of cholesterol: its main function is to reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol and to increase the ‘good’ one: this would reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. The vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant, its consumption helps reduce diseases related with the circulatory system and the sight, apart from giving an excellent skin. Gran Bouque naturally provides you with vitamin E: our first-pressure process preserves it without degrading it. All the way directly to your health. The consumption of Gran Bouque is a source of pleasure and health due to its fruity smell and delicate, slightly almond-like flavour, and thanks to its fluid and very sweet texture.

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