How it is prepared

The moulding

It is crucial to have healthy olives, which have been kept in aerated containers. The olives must arrive to the mill, for the grinding, in 24 hours after harvesting.

The olives reach the mill with leaves, small branches and stones. A continuous conveyor belt takes them to the fan. The air that generates is in charge of eliminating the remains on the olives – i.e. branches, leaves, earth. From here, the olives pass either to the hoppers, where they remain for some hours, waiting for the grinding, or else to the washing prior to the grinding.

Before the grinding takes place, the olives pass through a vibrant platform, which eliminates branches, stones and those remains that the fan could not eliminate. While they remain on a vibrating platform, the olives go through a washing with a continuous shower of dechlorinated and decalcified water. At this point they are ready to start the extraction process: a conveyor belt lets them fall into the mill.

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